Release Notes 24-06-2022

Release notes

Read all of the new updates from the Maileon Release here. If you have any questions or want to know more, let us know!

General | General
CUSTOMER | Performance Improvements
The performance and reliability of the entire system have been improved due to changes and upgrades in the hardware infrastructure.
CUSTOMER | Email Representation Improvements
The representation of mailings has been significantly improved across the platform. Changes will take effect after the next saving of the content.
MAILEON | Lists & Contacts
CUSTOMER | Usages in Contact Events
The usage of contact events is now reported in the contact events list.
MAILEON | Marketing Automation
CUSTOMER | Download SMS Volume and SMS Personalization Errors
The SMS sendout volume and the SMS personalization errors of a Marketing Automation node can be downloaded as a CSV file.
MAILEON | Mailings
CUSTOMER | Emailing History: Filtering by Sendout Date
In the emailing history, a new filter option is now available to select the mailings based on sendout date.
CUSTOMER | Simple Mailing Filter Creation
Many areas having a mailing filter option have been improved with a simple way to create mailing filters. If mailings are selected via checkbox, a mailing filter can be created in an easy and fast way.
CUSTOMER | Editor2: Previewing Title of Blocks and Rows
If a block or a structure has a block title, this information will be displayed directly in the navigation area of the app.
CUSTOMER | Editor2: Title in Image Widget
It is now possible to optionally set a title for an image in the image widget.
CUSTOMER | Editor2: Title in Video Widget
It is now possible to optionally set a title for a video in the video widget.
CUSTOMER | Editor2: Redesign of Code Widget
The code widget has been improved significantly. The code editor can be opened via a new toolbar option. It is now placed within a module, which allows more space for creating HTML content.
CUSTOMER | Editor2 – Preview App: Support of Contact Filters & other List Types
The preview app now supports all list types and contact filters as well as the prefiltering of contacts in order to have a contact-based preview.
CUSTOMER | Editor2 – Preview App: Shuffled Preview
A new option in the preview app allows a shuffled contact selection of a contact list/contact filter in the contact paging.
CUSTOMER | Editor2 – Preview App: AutoPlay Preview
The new option preview autoplay was added to the preview app. If activated, every 5 seconds a new content preview will be loaded for the next contact. If a personalization error occurs the autoplay will stop automatically.
CUSTOMER | Editor2 – Preview App: Changing Contact Preference Values
Used contact preference personalization values can now be changed in the contact preview directly.

CUSTOMER | Editor2 – Preview App: Collapsing of Meta Information
The preview area of the preview app can now hide some meta-information (like subject lines) to increase the height of the content preview.
CUSTOMER | Editor2 – Preview App: Improvements in Error Output
The error output in the preview app has been improved significantly.

CUSTOMER | Editor2 – WYSIWYGIZER App: Improvement in Transformation
The transformation of an external HTML file to a MAILEON template has been improved significantly.
CUSTOMER | Editor2 – RSS-App: Support of Custom Fields
The Editor2 RSS app now supports the retrieving of custom RSS information. By adding a placeholder in format like “{{feed.extension(<attribute>)?<datatype>|<filters>}}” for feed information or “{{feed.item.extension(<attribute>)?<datatype>|<filters>}}” for feed item information the app can now retrieve the custom data and replace the placeholder with them. Possible datatypes are: “csv”, “datetime”, “html”, “image”, “link”, “number” and “text”. For a complete list of data type filters please check the RSS app documentation. Please note: An integration to placeholder assistant is currently not available yet and the MAILEON namespace has to be added in the feed.
CUSTOMER | Editor2 – Shopware App: Support of Custom Fields
The Editor2 Shopware app now supports the retrieval of custom shopware fields. By adding a placeholder in formats like “{{shopware.custom(<fieldname>)?<datatype>|<filters>}}” the app can now retrieve custom data and replace the placeholder with them. Possible datatypes are: “csv”, “datetime”, “html”, “image”, “link”, “number” and “text”. Please note: An integration to placeholder assistant is currently not available yet.

MAILEON | Media & Templates
CUSTOMER | MediaLib2 – Raise of File Size Limit
In MediaLib2 the maximum file size limit has been increased to 10 MB in total.
CUSTOMER | Usages of Pages
The usage of pages in a MAILEON account will now be shown in the pages list directly.
CUSTOMER | Editing of Pages in Full Screen
The editing of pages via pages editor has been changed to fullscreen view.
CUSTOMER | New Page Type: Indirect Unsubscription Page
On creating a new page in the pages area there is now the new type “indirect unsubscription page” available. When publishing a page of this type, the page can be selected as a custom indirect unsubscribe page in the settings area.
CUSTOMER | Assignment of Unsubscribes to Mailings
Profile change pages of the landing page editor now support mailing Id as an incoming parameter. If the contact unsubscribes on a page with this given parameter, the unsubscription will be assigned to the mailing.

MAILEON | Reportings
CUSTOMER | New Report: CSA Monitor
A new report shows the deliverability data of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) regarding SPAM trap hits and responses on mailing domain level by time.

CUSTOMER | New Report: Multi Mailing Report
In emailing history there is now a new report available to report multi mailings at once. Furthermore, this report also provides a multi-mailing, aggregated link report.
MAILEON | Settings
CUSTOMER | Custom Indirect Unsubscribe Page
If the indirect unsubscription process is activated, there is now an option available to select the landing page used in this process. Available pages are the standard page for indirect unsubscribes and all published pages of type “indirect unsubscribe page” in the pages module.
CUSTOMER | Webhooks Support of Mailing ID
Webhooks now support the parameter mailing_id in the JSON output.
XACT | Start
PARTNER | New Dashboard Box: SMS Volume Trend
In the partner interface, the SMS sendout volume by time of all assigned partner and customer accounts can now be displayed in a new dashboard box.
XACT | Customers & Accounts

PARTNER | New Product: CSA Monitor
This new account product activates a new report showing some detailed information about the deliverability reputation of the account’s mailing domains. Please note: The database is provided by Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) and their members (mailbox providers). Therefore the reporting data does not represent the general reputation.

PARTNER | SMS Volume Trend in Account Details
The SMS sendout volume by time of a newsletter account is now displayed in account details. Furthermore, there is a data export available.
PARTNER | SMS Volume Trend in Customer Details
The SMS sendout volume by time of a customer account is now displayed in customer details. Furthermore, there is a data export available.

API | Partner-API
PARTNER | SMS Volume on Account Level
The SMS sendout volume can now be retrieved by a dedicated method in the partner API.
AddressCheck | General
CUSTOMER | Improvements in SPAM Trap Detection
The detection of SPAM traps in AdressCheck has been improved significantly.

Besides developing innovative features in Maileon, we also spent a lot of time improving the reliability of our system. The Software Update contained core improvements and bug fixes.

The current MAILEON API specification and integration examples can be found in the Integration & Interfaces section on our website. The current MAILEON API documentation is located in our developer section.

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