Release notes 11-09-2020

We would like to inform you about the features and changes that have been introduced in MAILEON with the Software Update on 2020-09-11: 
MAILEON | General 
CUSTOMER |XACT Accounts added to Single Sign On The MAILEON single sign on, available at URL, now supports logins to partner accounts. 
CUSTOMER | Email Address on Indirect Unsubscription Page The indirect unsubsciption page now contains the email address of the target contact that would like to unsubscribe. 
CUSTOMER | Performance Improvements The performance and reliability of the entire system are improved due to improvements in the hardware infrastructure. 
CUSTOMER | Improvements in Email Display and Presentation The presentation of mailings has been significantly improved across the platform. Changes will take effect after the next saving of the content. MAILEON | Lists & Contacts 
CUSTOMER | Contact Filtering by Url Values There is a new filter operation “contains values of URL” for filtering of text based values. This allows to check if the given contact value is contained in a text file or single column CSV file, referenced by user-defined URL. 
CUSTOMER | Target Group Assignment to Emailing Draft Assignments from target groups to emailing drafts can be set from list editor directly. 
CUSTOMER | Contact Export based on Vouchers The contact export module now supports exports based on vouchers. This feature is only available if the product vouchers is activated. 

MAILEON | Mailings 
CUSTOMER | New Analytics Integration: econda Analytics We present integration of a new analytics system – Econda Analytics. This feature is only available if the product Econda Analytics is activated. 
PARTNER | CMS2: Placeholder Generator Improved The placeholder generator in editor version 2 has been improved. 
PARTNER | CMS2: New Color Picker A new version of the color picker in presented in the editor version 2. 
PARTNER | CMS2: Link Generator Improved The link generator has been improved in editor version 2. 
PARTNER | CMS2: New Symbol Picker A new version of the symbol picker is presented in editor version 2. 
PARTNER | CMS2: New Emoji Picker A new version of the emoji picker is presented in editor version 2. 
CUSTOMER | Inbox Placement Test improved The inbox placement test, which is available as pre- or post- mailing test, has been improved to show the header information of the seed addresses. 
CUSTOMER | DOI Process Replacement The activation of DOI mailings will be prevented, if there is already an active DOI mailing with same DOI key available in the account. In this case, MAILEON offers to replace the current active DOI mailing with the new one automatically. 

MAILEON | Pages 
CUSTOMER | Page Creator: Support of Transactions The page creator now supports triggering MAILEON transactions. 
CUSTOMER | Page Creator: New Widget Numberbox The page creator now supports adding the HTML widget numberbox. 
CUSTOMER | Page Creator: New Widget Textarea The page creator now supports adding the HTML widget textarea. 
CUSTOMER | Page Creator: New Widget Date-Input The page creator now supports adding the HTML widget date input. 
CUSTOMER | Page Creator: Design Improvements The page creator has been changed in design. MAILEON | Settings 
CUSTOMER | New Subscription: Monthly Account Summary The new subscription “Monthly account summary” is presented on user level. If activated, on each new month the user will be informed about the contact list trend and the mailing stats from the last month. 

XACT | Start 
PARTNER | Box Sendout Volume by Time: CSV Download The dashboard box “sendout volume by time” now offers the option to download the data. XACT | Customers & Accounts 
PARTNER | New Product: econda Analytics There will be a new account product “econda Analytics” available in products list. If activated, the specific econda link parameters will be added to each trackable link automatically.
PARTNER | Accout Lifecycle: Terminated Account Deletion After Software Update it will be possible to schedule account deletion 

AddressCheck | General 
CUSTOMER | Improvement in Support of ECG List The handling of ECG list (Austian Robinson list) has been improved significantly.  
Beside developing innovative features in MAILEON, we also spent a lot of time on improving reliability of our system. The Software Update contained core improvements and bugfixes.

The current MAILEON API specification and integration examples can be found in the Integration & Interfaces section on our website. The current MAILEON API documentation is located in our developer section.

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Of course we will be at your disposal for any questions.