Release notes 17-04-2020

We would like to inform you about the features and changes that have been introduced in MAILEON with the Software Update on 2020-04-17: 
  MAILEON | General 
CUSTOMER | New User Notification: Change of 2FA After software update MAILEON users will receive email notification on each change of Two Factor Authentication in their MAILEON user account. 
CUSTOMER | Support of TLSv1.3 After software update TLSv1.3 will be supported over the whole platform to improve platform security CUSTOMER | Performance Improvements The performance and reliability of the entire system are improved due to improvements in the hardware infrastructure. 
CUSTOMER | Improvements in Email Display and Presentation The presentation of mailings has been significantly improved across the platform. Changes will take effect after the next saving of the content. 

MAILEON | Marketing Automation 
CUSTOMER | New Knot: Push-Woosh A new node type “Push-Woosh Web Push” will become available in Marketing Automation editor. This will make it possible to trigger App-/Web-Push messages over Push-Woosh account in your Marketing Automation program. This node has to be enabled in an account by activating the MAILEON account product. 

MAILEON | Mailings 
CUSTOMER | Trigger-Mailings: Permission Neutral Sendout After software update there will be the new option permission neutral sendout available for transactional trigger mailings. This feature can be activated in step DISPATCH LOGIC & APPROVAL for trigger mailings based on transactions. The feature allows to send mails to contacts without active MAILEON permissions. This is particularly suitable for one-time or exceptional contact events where there is no requirement for MAILEON-permission (e.g. order confirmation). 

XACT | Customers & Accounts 
PARTNER | Partner Creation for Distributors After software update distributors will be able to create partner accounts on their own. All partner accounts created by a distributor are assigned to him automatically. 

API | Customer-API 
CUSTOMER | New Method: getMailingTemplates After software update there will be the new customer API method getMailingTemplates for requesting meta information of mailing templates. 
CUSTOMER | New Method: updateContactByEmail After software update contacts can be updated by Email by using the customer API method updateContactByEmail. 
CUSTOMER | New Method: updateContactByExternalId After software update contacts can be updated by External ID by using the customer API method updateContactByExternalId. 
CUSTOMER | Change of Return Value of Method createContact After software update the value of contact ID will be returned on successful request for the customer API method createContact. 
CUSTOMER | New Plugin: Pipedrive After software update there will be the new plugin Pipedrive available. In case of interest please contact our Service or Sales team for more information.  
Beside developing innovative features in MAILEON, we also spent a lot of time on improving reliability of our system. The Software Update contained core improvements and bugfixes.

The current MAILEON API specification and integration examples can be found in the Integration & Interfaces section on our website. The current MAILEON API documentation is located in our developer section.

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Of course we will be at your disposal for any questions.