Release notes 07-12-2019

We would like to inform you about the features and changes that have been introduced in MAILEON with the Software Update on December 7th, 2019.
MAILEON | General 
CUSTOMER | Performance Improvements The performance and reliability of the entire system is improved due to improvements in the hardware infrastructure. 
CUSTOMER | Improvements in Email Display and Presentation The presentation of mailings has been significantly improved across the platform. Changes will take effect after the next saving of the content. MAILEON | Marketing Automation 
CUSTOMER | Improvements in Program Validation The validation of Marketing Automation programs has been improved significantly. MAILEON | Lists & Contacts 
CUSTOMER | Source Added In Contact Export After software update the value of system field source of a contact can be exported in contact exports. 
PARTNER | Visualization of Contact Checksum The value of contact checksum will be displayed in contact details and contact single reporting after software update. This information is useful especially for new API integrations. Only users from partner level and up are permitted to see this information. 
CUSTOMER | GDPR Data Request Following the software update, an incoming GDPR data request can be processed within a MAILEON account directly. The new function is available in menu item GDPR data request in area LISTS & CONTACTS > TOOLS. For the entered email address of the applicant, a ZIP archive will be generated which will contain all the saved personal data linked to the given email address. MAILEON | Mailings 
CUSTOMER | Scheduling in Timezone The scheduling of regular mailings is now possible for different time zones. The default time zone selected is always the saved time zone for the MAILEON account. MAILEON | Customer-API 
CUSTOMER | Support of Zapier API There is an integration available for the API middleware service Zapier. In case of interest feel free to contact our integrations team.  
Beside developing innovative features in MAILEON, we also spent a lot of time on improving reliability of our system. The Software Update contained core improvements and bugfixes.

The current MAILEON API specification and integration examples can be found in the Integration & Interfaces section on our website. The current MAILEON API documentation is located in our developer section.

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Of course we will be at your disposal for any questions.